I am an Innie

Yes, while my navel is inward not outward, what I’m talking about is how I renew my energy, how I process data and how I behave in social situations.  Being an Innie means that I am self or inward powered (e.g. I renew my energy in solitude) as opposed to people or outward powered (e.g. renewed or energized by being with other people). 

It also means that at social gatherings I may talk your ear off one-on-one, however, when a third or fourth person turns us into a group I tend to go quiet.  I’m not shy or socially awkward I’m just your typical Innie.  If you ask me a question I will likely pause a bit before answering, and in some cases days later I will come back with a more detailed response note it just might even oppose my original reply.  What can I say I’m an Innie and that is just how we roll. 

If we do hang out in a group, have a really good time and everyone is ready to hit the next spot, don’t be offended if I pass.  Peer pressure me to go at the risk of me being: best-case sullen and withdrawn, worst case a total __________(I will let you fill in the blank).  What is wrong with me?  Nothing I’m just an Innie running on low in need of some “me time” alone to recharge. 

Also please don’t even consider inviting me to ride the new roller-coaster, see a horror movie and/or go bungee jumping; over stimulation goes against my wiring.  So why is this important and why does it merit your time and attention to read this article?  Because 1/3 to ½ of people are Innie’s which means you are very likely one yourself, friends with, work with/for, and/or married/related to one.  Understanding both our own wired behavior as well as that of others is critical not only to effective communications, but to leading a more happier life in general.  To learn more check out the TED talk by Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts to learn even more read the book The Introvert Advantage  by Marti Olsen Laney Psy.D.


An Aha! Moment

At multiple points during my corporate career I have hired personal assistants to free me up from the everyday personal minutia that drives road warriors to fake sick days.  All attempts were a total disaster and in a couple of cases threatened a family/friend relationship.  

For the life of me I could not figure out why, to a person, otherwise intelligent individuals consistently did what they wanted to instead of what I asked them to do.  I tried simplifying my instructions, writing them, sending them one at a time and even providing step-by-step details (this was the final straw because it took longer for me to do than the task itself) all to no avail.  The biggest aha! moment of my Sherpa certification training was learning the rhyme and reason behind my failures.   If you know the solution enjoy the chuckle at my expense.  If you don’t know the answer but have a problem getting people to do what you ask in the manner you expect email me or call me on 404-287-0080 to find out what I discovered.